Selasa, 28 Juli 2009

international language

Hallo....audience....ladies and gentlemen....whatever deh..... ha3

Now, Gabriel Peramal Gaul is goes to international..... although only via internet.
Available to tell your future by reading your hand line.....palmistry i mean.

Do u believe ? your hand can tell about your character, healthy, career, ability, your past and off course your future, your faith.

If u need to know, i offering to read yours in free of charge.... FREEEEEE.... ha3

just a simple way...
I only need a photo of your palm - left and right palm, not really need a high resolution picture, but the picture must see clearly, the line is clear enough.

This is the simple trick you can do, use scanner, just put your hand on scanner and scan it. So your line will visible really fine.

You can see the illustration at my last entry before, even it is use Indonesian language.

What you're waiting for ?......
Send your palm photo to me, via email :
Don't forget to write your complete real name, birthday (date/month/year) and your country.

I'll reply your email within 3 days, depend on my activity....busy or not...ha3

just remember :
You may shocked when i'm telling anything correct about you...ha3